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Inland Waterway opens to the Great Lakes

If you love to boat in beautiful fresh water, the Inland Waterway of Michigan can't be beaten.  From the easy access to the limitless miles of boating, incredible variety of fish and wild life, and a fun family atmosphere, the Cheboygan area is perfect for on-water living in Michigan. 

Music on Mullett

Every Saturday in July and August, from 1-4pm, at the mouth of the Cheboygan River and Mullett Lake.  2018 T-shirts are available in June!

Call Quin: 810-287-1535

Top O' Michigan Outboard Boat Races

Every year in August, the river is shut down for an early afternoon outboard boat race.  Some boats exceed 65 mph through the narrow river stretches that are "No Wake" typically.


Wanigan Boat Races

These human propelled loggers' lunch barges race for miles each year for local fame and glory.  The winners must be the fastest and have a fresh pot of chili heated to a near boiling temperature.